The Chef’s Recommendation

Lambs Lettuce

With bacon and egg

CHF 19.50

Homemade Pappardelle

With venison filet and cream sauce

CHF 35.50

Homemade Agnolotti Gratiné

Filled with pumpkin and bresaola

CHF 34.50

Venison Schnitzel In Cream Sauce

With spaetzle, red cabbage and chestnuts

CHF 52.00


For 2 persons

With café de paris

Choose 2 sides

CHF 158.00


Butterhead Lettuce Salad

CHF 12.50


From Puglia with datterini tomatoes

CHF 19.50

Avocado-Carrot Salad

With tomato vinaigrette

CHF 16.50 / 25.50

Caesar Salad

With chicken breast, bacon and croutons

CHF 28.50

Beef Tatar

CHF 29.50 (135 g) / 38.50 (235 g)

Pumpkin Cream Soup

CHF 14.50

Tom Kha Gai

CHF 17.50

Homemade Pasta

Homemade Tortelloni

Filled with ricotta & spinach on sage butter

CHF 22.50 / 32.50

Homemade Taglierini

With minced veal on white cream sauce

CHF 24.50 / 32.50

Homemade Cavatelli

With saffron sauce, salsiccia and savoy cabbage

CHF 36.50

Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino

With olive oil, peperoncino and garlic

With beef filed CHF 36.50

With shrimps CHF 36.50

With spinach and manouri cheese (V) CHF 32.50

VegeTarian Dishes

Califlower RIsotto

Served with won ton ravioli filled with mushrooms

CHF 27.50

Meat Dishes


With french fries or cucumber salad

CHF 48.50

Sliced Veal Zurich Style

Served with rösti

CHF 52.50

Beef Fillet

Café de Paris (200 g)

CHF 56.50

Veal Chop

With rosemary butter (400 g)

CHF 72.50

Venetian Style Veal Liver

Served with spinach and rösti

CHF 42.50

Beef Filet Stroganoff

Served with homemade tagliatelle

CHF 49.50

Side Dishes

French fries, vegetables, spinach, rice, tagliatelle, risotto

CHF 8.00 / each

Fish Dishes

Tuna Steak With Pistachio Crust

Sautéd red onions, olives & capers

CHF 47.50

Sea Bass

With lemon sauce, chard leaf & potatoes

CHF 48.00

Grilled Shrimps & Squid

Garlic peperoncino and olive oil

CHF 24.50 / 34.50

Side Dishes

French fries, vegetables, spinach, rice, tagliatelle, risotto

CHF 8.00 / each

All prices are in CHF, tax inclusive