Program & Ticket Presale

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To reserve or buy tickets?

Reserve tickets: You reserve your ticket via our website, confirm the reservation and pay at the box office on the day of the event.

Buy tickets: You buy your ticket with your credit card or Twint via our website.

Your choice is shown on your ticket.

I reserved tickets for an event but did not receive a confirmation-mail – what happened?

If you have not received our confirmation, please check your “junk mail” or “spam” folder. If you have entered your email address incorrectly, please try again.

You can also log in to our website with your email address (click on, top right ANMELDEN / SIGN IN). Logged in, you can see all ticket reservations and purchases made with this email address.

I lost my tickets – where can I find them?

Simply log in to our  website with the email address you made your ticket reservation (click on, top right ANMELDEN / SIGN IN). Logged you have access to all your tickets and can download the pdf again if necessary.

I would like to adjust the number of reserved tickets, how do I do this?

Up to 30 days before the event, the number of reserved tickets can be adjusted (unless the event is already sold-out). To do so, simply log in to your profile with the email address you used to reserve the tickets (click on, top right ANMELDEN / SIGN IN) and adjust the number of tickets.

I would like to adjust the number of tickets I have purchased, how do I do this?

Unfortunately, a subsequent adjustment is not possible for purchased tickets. Please use a different email address and make a new (or additional) reservation or purchase.

I am unable to attend – how can I cancel my tickets?

You can cancel your reserved tickets up to 30 days before the event via link in the email (confirmation) or via your profile on our website. After this deadline, your tickets are valid and will be charged in case of a no-show. This is also stated in the ticket reservation.

Already paid tickets cannot be cancelled. If you are unable to attend, you can pass on your tickets – they are non-personal.

I did not redeem my reserved tickets and have now received an invoice. Why?

When you make a ticket reservation with us, by clicking on the reservation link you actively confirm that you have taken note of the 30-day cancellation period and agree that unused tickets will be invoiced retrospectively. This revenue benefits the artists.

I have received a reminder that I have reserved / bought tickets for an event. But I have won or already paid for the tickets, do I now have to pay for them or pay again?

This reminder goes to all guests of the event. Of course, tickets you have won do not need to be paid for. However, if you have bought / reserved tickets and also received a free ticket via a raffle or invitation, the obligation to pay for the ticket purchased / reserved via the regular sales process remains.

Is there an age limit for events at Kaufleuten?

A minimum age of 18 years applies throughout the Kaufleuten Club and Culture. Underaged guests may attend cultural events at Kaufleuten if accompanied by a person of age and wearing suitable ear protection. Kaufleuten assumes no liability.

Do you offer discounts or student, senior and disabled costumers?

Discounts are not available for all events. If reduced tickets are available, the type of reduction is declared online at for the respective event. Please show proof of eligibility at the box office. 

I am in a wheelchair, what do I have to consider?

We are mostly wheelchair-accessible. Please purchase a standing ticket for yourself and your companion for concerts, or a ground floor ticket for seated events.

Please contact a week before the event so that we can accompany you to your seat on the day of the event.

I would like to redeem my voucher. How do I proceed?

Please choose the ticket reservation option (online) and pay with your voucher at the box office. If it is not possible to reserve tickets for the chosen event, please contact us by email at and we will assist you.

I wanted to buy tickets for an event but did not receive a ticket or confirmed ticket reservation. Now the amount has been charged to my credit card. How do I get my tickets?

Once you make a purchase request, the amount on your credit card is pre-authorised. This is not yet a definitive booking. The definitive booking is only made once you have confirmed the purchase request by clicking the link in the email sent to you. Or it is deleted when the purchase request is actively cancelled. If you do not find an email in your spam either, you have probably entered an incorrect email address. Please contact us at and we will check to which email address the purchase request was sent. The pre-authorised amount will remain blocked for a few hours or days (depending on your credit card / Twint) then to be released again. Unfortunately, Kaufleuten has no influence on this process.